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Recent TAC events celebrating translation

Liu Junhuan and Song Yi, TAC   January 29, 2024

A snapshot from the conversation between Chen Luyu and Marc Levy

International Translation Day posters in review

For International Translation Day (ITD), which falls on 30 September each year, the Translators Association of China (TAC) proudly presented a video to celebrate this big day with translators and interpreters around the world.

Entitled‘ITD poster exhibition’, the video provided a look back on all the winning ITD theme posters from previous years, aiming to honour and raise public awareness of the great contributions the profession has made to mutual understanding and communication across civilisations. You can watch the video for yourself by clicking here.

Connecting literature and translation

TAC and the People’s Literary Publishing House have jointly launched a livestreamed series with the theme‘Translating China, embracing the world’, that brings together writers, translators, and other literary stakeholders to talk about how literature and translation interact with and empower each other.

The first episode of the programme aired on 26 September, and the much-anticipated second episode went live on 12 October. It featured an in-depth dialogue between Chen Luyu, one of China’s most well-known TV hosts, and French author Marc Levy, many of whose works have been translated into Chinese and been well received by Chinese readers.

Attracting more than 150,000 viewers both in China and abroad, the two-hour programme focused on some of the authors’ best-selling works and their translations. Both Chen and Levy expressed that, through translation, good stories could transcend time and space and resonate with people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.