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China's DTI in the Making

November 28, 2022

Jointly organized by Translators Association of China (TAC) and China National Committee for Graduate Education of Translation and Interpreting (GETI), two seminars were recently held in hybrid mode to elaborate on the much-anticipated program of Doctor of Translation and Interpreting (DTI). Participants from governmental agencies, T&I industry, academia and universities conducted in-depth discussion and shared their views on a broad range of issues concerning the implementation of DTI, including enrolment, curriculum, faculty members, among others.

Back in 2017, the program of MTI, or the Master of Translation and Interpreting, kicked off in China, cultivating a large talent pool in T&I in the past five years. Nowadays, the increasingly globalized world and more frequent international exchanges call for professionals with not only translation and interpreting skills, but also vision and inspiration in desired fields. In this context, the program of DTI was proposed. With related preparations well underway, the program of DTI will be another milestone in China's T&I education.