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TAC Participating in FIT's SCTFs

November 28, 2022

FIT recently announced list of members on its 19 standing committees and task forces (SCTFs) during its mandate of 2022 to 2025. Three Chinese experts nominated by Translators Association of China (TAC) got elected to related SCTFs, namely the Interpreting Standing Committee, Technology Standing Committee and the Translatio Standing Committee.

According to FIT, the important and multi-facetted work is carried out to a considerable extent by its SCTF, enabling FIT council to handle specific areas of work on a continuous basis. They address a broad range of subjects such as the internal affairs of FIT, specific areas related to the work of translators, interpreters and terminologists, association matters and FIT publication.

The participation of TAC in related work of FIT through SCTFs is part of its continued efforts to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in T&I sector, aiming to share China's know-how with its counterparts, raise the profile of T&I community in Asia-Pacific and advance the sustainable development of the profession globally.